Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tonight's dinner Matthew, comes from........

Somebody answered the call! Somebody answered the call! Yes, it looks like WMPC is going to get off the ground! Woop Woop!




OK, I'm not quite telling the truth here. I did in fact email a couple of food bloggers that I've met before and asked directly whether they would like to take part in this little project and to my joy they all said yes. So for the next four weeks at least, I am going to be well fed, I am so happy about this.

So first up is Dan of Essex Eating who provided his very delicious Chickpea and Chorizo Stew for last night's desk dinner in exchange for lunch which was double pie and mash at Clarks in Exmouth Market. This was Dan's meal from the night before and of course, one of the great things about stew is that it always tastes better the day after you made it. After a blast in the microwave, this one definitely ticked all the boxes. The sauce was nicely picante and very moorish with lovely big chunks of chorizo and little nibbles of pancetta throughout. Dan also provided some boiled potatoes dressed in olive oil, great for mashing and moping up (so yes I had mash twice yesterday). All in all, very filling and very appetising.

I do have one small problem though, after oggling every morsel going to my mouth, my work colleague wanted to know where I got the 'ready-meal' from. "Not Tescos surely?" And with that I wondered, should I let him know what I'm up to and go down the route of sharing the food that others are already sharing with me? Was he ready for such concept? Would he get it?

"Nah", I thought, taking the last mouthful, let him stew.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it Dan, and glad to help you kick off this new project. Not sure I'm flattered by your workmates comparison of my grub to a Tescos ready meal hahaha.
    Thanks again for the Pie and Mash - much appreciated.

  2. Hey Dan

    No way did my work mate think I got it from Tesco, he said it smelled and looked too good. Big compliments to you there fella.

    And you're welcome to the P&M.

  3. I'll try to Fed Ex you: boeuf bourguignon, garlic roast potatoes, petit pois, tart tatin with clotted cream, stilton, water biscuits, port, coffee and petit fours.

    A working man needs a proper lunch.

  4. TheAmpleCook that would be absolutely fantastic.

    And other bloggers take note, this is precisely the kind of thing I'm after!

  5. hey coooool blog! and great idea too!! I hope you get fed plenty and turn out to be a happy little pork chop :)

  6. Haha - brilliant. I'll get in touch post-Ibiza. If I'm in any state to cook.

  7. You're a bloody genius. Well done.